The Straightening Salon, providing hair straightening solutions in a one of a kind luxury salon.

Our Story


We exclusively straighten hair, leaving your luscious locks silky, smooth, restored and healthy.


Meet our passionate hair straightening specialist and owner, Renee

Living a busy lifestyle and becoming a first-time mum I realised just how little time I had left for myself. This included something as simple as washing and blow drying my hair. Although, as most of us would know this is no 'simple' task.

It’s important for me to find solutions that save me time and it’s a huge advantage if I can also restore a bit of self-confidence in the process. Having my hair straightened does both of these things for me!

I’ve battled with my uncontrollable 'Hagrid Hair' for years and over the years I have tried so many different hair straightening treatments. I permanently straightened my hair for the first time 13 years ago and realising the instant satisfaction it gave me I then spent years recommending straightening to other women.

It was shortly after my son was born (and I was desperate to have my hair straightened again) that I started playing with the idea of not just suggesting it, but actually becoming the solution.

Now I get to help other women free up time, have more manageable hair, and restore their confidence! It’s incredible” ✨


Renee xx

Our passion is to help you!

We love helping our clients feel amazing by restoring their hair’s health and inner-confidence!